Play a Part  - how to get involved 

Within every good community there is a community theatre full of good theatre people.

It does not have to be a big and flashy community theatre; it just needs to be someplace to do fun  theatre for a while.

Maybe it is a theatre where you will get your first opportunity to be on stage. It may be a place you retreat to after retiring, or a place to find refuge after a change in your circumstances and you need to find a new passion.

We are hoping that 16th Ave theatre is that place for you. A place where you can “play a part” - no matter how big or small you want that part to be.

Not all of us want to be on stage performing. But there is a place for all of us to shine.

Are you a good schmoozer – like talking to people and making them feel welcome? How about becoming part of our Front of House Team – showing people to their seats, giving them information about the show or where to buy a drink, or encourage them to join the theatre.

You thrive in the dark and look good in black.  There is a wonderful place behind that big red curtain where all the magic takes place. Our backstage crew assemble props and furniture, help dress the performers, change scenery and keep the show running smoothly.

Perhaps you are a great leader and would like to facilitate one of our sub-committees listed here:  

What about marketing - we need people to get our message out to the community, so that everyone in Tauranga knows that 16th Ave Theatre exists.   We have been on this site since 1954 and it amazes us to hear from new people coming to see a production that they did not even know we were here.

Can you sew, build or paint – we are looking for a team of helpers to make or source the costumes for each production.   We also need help with building the sets and painting stuff.

Or maybe you are good with tech stuff.  Lights and sound more your thing - or perhaps you would like to learn how to do make our actors look good on stage. 

Want to know how to get involved - contact the President 

Heather Graham 

Phone: 021 021 95 555

Our wonderful Maintenance Team cleaning the roof, repairing leaks and getting rid of grafitti.