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Based at 164 Sixteenth Avenue West, we are proud to be home to a community of passionate artists, and a home for all kinds of performance and self-expression in Tauranga.

16th Avenue Theatre is a non-profit charitable society run by dedicated volunteers since 1936, and so claims a place as one of the oldest continuously operating drama groups within New Zealand.

It is one of a few societies to have its own purpose-built theatre; constructed in 1954, the theatre has since become a familiar part of the local Tauranga community.

All ages are welcome at our shows and workshops, many of which our community build from the ground-up, and we also we pride ourselves in being a prime location for hire.

The auditorium has a seating capacity of 150 and is accessible for wheelchairs. It provides a comfortable yet intimate setting for both cast and audience. The theatre also offers bar and kitchen facilities creating the ideal place to relax with a beverage or a snack along with a small social/meeting room, available to hire for events, stage productions, meetings and conferences.

We carry with us a long history of showcasing some of the most inspiring talent in the city.

The venue offers a traditional style theatre and has a varied programme of productions by both professional and amateur companies with drama, musicals, comedies and one-night shows.

It's our goal to make fantastic stories accessible to everyone, and to welcome with open arms all who wish to be involved in our community.

16th Avenue Theatre has a strong membership and actively encourages anyone who may be looking for a creative pastime or hobby to join in with the ranks of local people enjoying all the challenges that theatre productions offer. Aspiring actors and directors will always be welcomed and mentored but if your focus is more aligned to creativity with your hands then the theatre offers many opportunities in the set construction, set decoration, properties, costumes, lighting and hosting arenas and willing helpers are always welcome.

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Email us: info@16avetheatre.co.nz

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16th Avenue Theatre is mounting the production of Nell Gwynn at the end of this year with production planning well underway.  The planning has highlighted the need for people to help with making (and altering) costumes for the production.

Nell Gwynn – the play

Nell Gwynn was one of the many mistresses of King Charles II and one of two who he continued to liaise with until his death.  The play tracks the story of their meeting and their continued relationship over the years.

Nell Gwynn was an actress – only the second female actress at that time (previously all female roles were played by males – usually young boys).  Charles enjoyed the theatre and that is where he met Nell – the rest, as they say, is history.

The play is set in mid-1600’s and is being costumed for that era.

Nell Gwynn – The Challenge

This production has a cast of about 15 with many costume changes required (for example Nell has about 10 different changes)

Many of the costumes will be new and have been designed by Alf Weston who has been a professional costumier both in NZ and overseas. I have managed to persuade him to help in his retirement and he has come up with some superb designs…


We now need people to make these amazing costumes.

Many hands make light work so the more people we have on board the easier it will be. The plan is to get together regularly to make this a fun, enjoyable experience.

Remember too, that even if your limit is to sew on buttons we want you to be part of the team.


If you would like to be part of the team, please let either myself or the Delwyn Weatherley (Production Manager) know so that we can work out a plan with you all to make this happen,


Dennis Fenwick                                        Delwyn Weatherley

Director                                                      Production Manager

Mobile – 027 314 1129                           027 274 7677

Email dennis@df-artistic.co.nz          Delwyn@backtoblack.co.nz

Regular Events at 16th Ave Theatre 

On the First Saturday of every month in the Green Room
Show stats at 7:30pm

Please note that our doors will be open from 7 pm

The following people were elected to the Management Committee for 2024 / 2025

President:  Heather Graham;       Vice Presidents:  Merv Beets and David Guy 

     Treasurer:  Dennis Fenwick 


 Sarah Bate;  Pete and Klara Luxford; John ten Velde; Rob Weatherley;

FOH Co-ordinator:  Bev Hodges 

Marketing Team Facilitator: Ali Young 

Property Management and Maintenance:  Jack Visser